Continental collisions, from Norway to Australia.


BSc(Newcastle) BSc(Hons)(London) PhD(Cambridge)

Director of Curtin’s Institute for Geoscience Research (TIGeR) Professor Andrew Putnis’ research concerns the mechanisms of fluid-mineral interaction and its relationship to the strength and deformation of crustal rocks. The direct applications of this research are wide-ranging, including understanding element mobility and ore deposition in the Earth’s crust, strategies to clean-up environmental waste, understanding the durability of nuclear waste glass, and the prevention of mineral scaling in industrial processes.

Professor Putnis has Bachelor degrees from the University of Newcastle (Physics), and the University of London (Geology), and a PhD from the University of Cambridge. He was previously a Lecturer in Earth Sciences at Cambridge University and Professor of Mineralogy at the University of Munster, Germany.

Professor Putnis was made a Fellow of the Geochemical Society in 2012 and he is also a Fellow of the Mineralogical Society of America. He was awarded the Abraham-Gottlob-Werner medal of the German Mineralogical Society in 2009 for his outstanding scientific achievements in the fields of phase transformations in minerals and mineral-surface science.

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