Helping meet global food demands


Paula Pownall is an agribusiness alumna who is helping to drive the future of food security as the founder of Western Australia’s first edible cricket farm.

Eighty per cent of the world’s population eat insects as part of a regular diet. Some western countries are now exploring the practice in an effort to address global concerns including rising food costs, population growth, environmental pressures and higher demands for protein.

Recognising these challenges, Pownall established Grubs Up in 2016. The start-up produces thousands of crickets for human consumption, selling them in powder form and as novelty food products.

Pownall envisions Grubs Up will be able to provide a sustainable alternative to our protein requirements, as well as supply environmentally friendly feed for farm animals.

Pownall was nominated for a 2018 40under40 award in recognition for her business achievements and her contribution to the future of farming in Western Australia.

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