In on the ground floor of space exploration.



Curtin is now a part of NASA’s Solar System Exploration Research Virtual Institute. Their goal is to aid in research, technical and scientific analysis, to train the next generation of scientific explorers and advance human exploration of the solar system through scientific discovery.

Professor Phil Bland, a geologist at Curtin who specialises in meteorites, originally submitted the proposal along with Marc Norman from the Australian National University.

Being included in such an inspiring institution brings new opportunites to Curtin students and faculty, and scientists across Australia. “This will let Australian planetary scientists get involved in a range of different NASA projects…” says Professor Bland. “One of the areas I’m particularly excited about is the NASA programs for young researchers and PhD students, and young Australian scientists can now have access to those.”­­

Now, Curtin students have the potential to work on truly innovative future projects to further our understanding of places outside of Earth.


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