Using 3D technology to explore new depths.

Dr Andrew Woods

BEng (Curtin) MEng (Curtin) PhD (Curtin)

As head of the Curtin University HIVE (Hub for Immersive Visualisation and eResearch), Dr Andrew Woods has made immense contributions to research and community through his development and utilisation of 3D technologies.

Dr Woods has led a number of collaborative research projects using 3D technologies to advance the knowledge and research in a range of fields. In 2015 he led the development of the deep-water 3D imaging system used to survey two well-known shipwrecks off the coast of Australia, the HMAS Sydney (II) and the German Raider HSK Kormoran.

The innovative project involved the design and development of a specialist deep-water lighting and camera system, and a surface control room. Dr Woods and his team collected more than 500,000 images and 300 hours of high-definition video from the two wrecks. The data is providing new insight into deep-water ecology and processes across a range of research disciplines, and will also be used to produce cultural heritage exhibitions and projects with the WA Museum. Dr Woods was recognised as one of Australia’s Most Innovative Engineers for 2017 for his key work in the project.

He has also received a Commendation award in the Western Australian Heritage Awards 2017 for his contribution to the history of WA through his role in the Historical Panoramas project. Dr Woods used visualisation technologies to showcase panoramic pictures of Perth and Fremantle dating back as far as the 1860s, and juxtaposed them with modern-day views, allowing viewers to take a virtual tour of the transformation of their cities.


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