The most important thing to do with knowledge is to pass it on.



Innovation requires looking at practices with a new eye, seeing where things can be improved from a different angle. Curtin is always on the lookout for opportunities to do things better, and doesn’t hesitate if that means doing them differently. Learning spaces are an important part of the university experience, whether physical or digital, and Curtin is searching for ways to streamline and deepen the learning process through the creation and improvement of innovative learning spaces.

Curtin’s renovated School of Education is built to give aspiring educators a new experience. Learning spaces are decentralised, facilitating open discussion and student collaboration rather than one-sided lectures. It also features four practice classrooms designed for the teaching of different subjects so that education students can get a feel for what teaching is really like.

These techniques are both utilised and showcased for the benefit of not only our students, but their future students as well.


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