Fighting crop disease with research.

Building 304 (Centre for Crop and Disease Management)

(Photo credit: Alana Blowfield)

A new $46 million agriculture research facility will be pivotal in helping the Centre for Crop and Disease Management (CCDM) – a national research centre co-supported by Curtin and the Grains Research and Development Corporation – reach its goal of reducing the economic impact of crop disease on Australian growers.

The facility – Building 304 – features uniquely designed physical containment level two and three laboratories, which enable high-level strategic experimentation on important crop diseases that pose as a biosecurity risk to Australian farming.

“Crop diseases are a primary cause of reduced yields in Australia, costing the grains industry more than $1.5 billion per year,” says Curtin University Vice-Chancellor Professor Deborah Terry.

“Never before have CCDM researchers, who do such important research in areas including crop genetics, fungicide resistance and farming systems, been in a better position to reduce this economic burden on grain growers."


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